2023 Charged Up Robot

In CHARGED UP presented by Haas, two competing alliances are invited to process game pieces to bring energy to their community. Each alliance brings energy to their community by retrieving their game pieces from substations and scoring it into the grid. Human players provide the game pieces to the robots from the substations. In the final moments of each match, alliance robots race to dock or engage with their charge station!

Drivetrain & Super-


  • 28” by 30” swerve drive
  • SDS MK4I modules
  • Central superstructure supports the elevator and intake


  • Diagonal beams for rigidity
  • 2 sets of columns supporting the elevator and intake on the robot.
  • Steel pop rivets to combat over-torquing of beams and the possibility of shearing


3-stage WCP Grey-t4 cascading elevator

  • Mounted at a 41º angle in order to maximize reach.
  • The elevator carriage contains the arm subsystem
  • Reduction of about 80:1
  • Driven by Falcon 500
  • The arm has the grabber/manipulator system attached at one end
  • Driven by two Falcon 500 motors, which are mounted at the base
  • Can score at all three levels at maximum extension

Grabber V1

  • Utilizes its wheels, pistons, motor, and photoelectric sensor to manipulate game pieces.
  • Compound gear ratio
  • Pistons crossing each other
  • 2.25” wheels in the front and 4” wheels on the outside of the arm plates
  • Four arm pieces attached to two base plates
  • Around seven pounds

Grabber V2

  • 2 counter-spun rollers for cones and cubes
  • 200 Degree Wrist for ramp and platform pick-up
  • Cube ground intake with routing handoff
  • Around 6 pounds


  • Based on our experience with the intake subsystem in 2022
  • Designed to maximize cube cycle efficiency
  • Built on several key areas to improve the Extension + retract speed, motor placement, rigidity, and general durability.
  • Non-parallel 4 bar geometry
  • 3 rollers
  • Falcon 500 drive


  • Two front-compliant wheels mounted on standoffs on either side of the intake
  • Belted to two back motors mounted on polycarbonate plates


Watch it in Action