• Shooter

  • Choosing to stick with a low cargo shooter for our first season, we developed a shooter that featured a set of feeder wheels from our cargo storage and a set of launching wheels that shot them into the lower cargo port.

  • Intake

  • Our intake was designed using a dual piston extension and retraction that relied on drawer slides to extend and retract the set of compliant wheels. using the outer edge of the bumper, the balls get funneled into our ramp-like routing and storage system.

  • Control Panel

  • In order to spin the control panel to the desired color, we utilized a set of compliant wheels mounted to a bag motor which, when the piston was extended, would press against the edge allowing it to rotate. Using the clear underside of the control panel, we created a small mount for a color sensor, allowing us to rotate the panel to the desired position.

Season Recap
Although we never got the chance to compete with Nessie due to the COVID lockdown, during our first season through FIRST, we learned a lot and really grew as a team. This video recaps some of the highlights of our season. Please enjoy!


Watch it in Action