Outreach 2022-2023

Maker Faire


Highlander team members held an open house at our new engineering lab for community members and demonstrated our robot at an annual science fair event that had 1,000 attendees of all ages. CONFIRM NUMBER OF ATTENDIES WITH LARRAINE

Girl Scouts Lab Visits

11/2022 and 05/2023

Team 8033 hosted 2 troops of Girl Scouts ages 6 and 7 at our lab on 11/13/22 and 5/12/23. They built boxes and etched their names into them with our laser cutter, and enjoyed trying out driving our robot.

Tech Social with Piedmont Makers


8033 Mentor Chris May presented his adventures launching barely-fits-inside-a-shipping-container rockers, with a particular focus on the physics behind a rocket that took off sideways! He described his experience with Astra and Electric Hydrogen, and engaged students in hands on activities with paper rockets.

Engineering Lab


At the inauguration of the Mary G. Ross engineering lab, our team members gave speeches to sponsors, showed the robot in action and gave tours of the new lab.

Alumni Panel


Our first Alumni Panel was held in 2023. Former team members came to talk about their STEM majors at their universities and how FRC prepared them for college-level work. This helps us to maintain such a high college rate for graduates.

FIRST FLL and FTC Tournaments

10/2022 and 12/2022

Team 8033 organized, hosted and ran a FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) tournament at Piedmont Middle School on December 10 2022.  The initial plan was for our team to volunteer, but we stepped up to run the entire tournament.  In addition, Team 8033 volunteered at an FLL Scrimmage on Oct. 30 2022 and an FLL Tournament on Nov 20 2022.

FTC Robot Demo


8033 demonstrated our robot at the Piedmont Pioneers FTC #11201's open house. Open to the community, we talked about our program to robot to young robotics enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to join our team when they reach high school.

OUSD Custom Adaptive Technologies

Ongoing 2022+

8033 members develop and manufacture custom Adaptive Technologies for Oakland Unified’s Special Education Department. Typically, technologies like these are very expensive, especially when customized. Team 8033 aims to make these cheaper and more accessable for local schools. This is an ongoing project for us.

Tri Team Social


8033 exchange hosted in our new lab with Berkeley (#5419) and Richmond (#841) And held a team bonding between students and mentors, and shared notes in order to improve both of our programs to implement our team into the wider FRC community in order to strengthen our program and benefit our students.