Outreach 2021-2022

Highlander Robotics Day


Piedmont Mayor named May 22, 2022 as Highlander Robotics day in recognition of our first ever appearance at Worlds in Houston; a successful first season of in person competitions; and for our leadership in promoting STEM in our community and representing PHS at the championship for the first time ever.

Engineering Lab Open House


Highlander team members assemble new tools purchased for the new Engineering lab and hosted a Robotics Open House with Piedmont Makers. Highlander team members talked about the FIRST Robotics Competition program to recruit new members. All of this paved the way for the immense team growth we saw this year.

Field Trips

Throughout 2021-2022 Season

8033 toured Atomic Machines, which provided unique learning opportunities for the students on our team that would not be available otherwise, as these facilities are not public. This trio also provided insight into engineering career paths and their experience.